Registan Samarkand Behind the Scenes

Farzad and girls of Samarkand

Ted and Dave mastering the 3rd CD at Naughty Pine Studio

Jenn dances.
(photo by Miranda)

Farzad and our interpreter in Samarkand-Lola

Carla (middle, in white) at Miranda's
Tunisian Tea. (photo by Diana H.)
at Miranda's "post Rakkasah" party.
(photo by Diana H.)

Ted and Denys groovin' at Miranda and
Diana's party. (photo by Diana)

Carla and Miranda
(photo by Diana)
Turku shops in Samarkand
Ted and our handler Maxoud shop for the
perfect hat in the shops inside Registan
square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Samarkand hotel
The patio where we jammed every night in
Samarkand. These divan things were
(photo by Farzad)
Turku with Awalim
Practicing with Awalim before the show in Talequah, OK
Turku on Tour
Turku's first tour bus trip.
Farzad and Ani
Farzad and Ani

Sara dances at our Pennsic XXXII concert
Istanbul Music shop
Ted at Istanbul Musik Merkezi; Mustafa Turkyesar, prop.

Two members of Awalim dance at our Pennsic XXXII concert

A painting of Ted and Carla by our friend Charlie

We promised our sound man
Dave beautiful Berber women.
(photo by Diana H.)

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