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Turku plays music from the western half of the Silk Road. They have played for audiences as large as 8000 people and as far away as Samarkand, Uzbekistan since 1998. Their music has received radio play as far away as Portugal and Uzbekistan. South Carolina Public Television has shown Turku's performances on many occasions. The members of Turku live in the Carolinas of the USA.
Turku is a five member ensemble including...
Ted Monnich on saz

Farzad on violin
Daveed Korup on hand drums
Carla Monnich on davul and zils
Behyar Behipour on bass guitar
Turku has released several recordings, including three highly acclaimed CD's, 1 cassette tape, 1 single, and 2 lavish videos. You can learn more about their recordings, and hear sound samples by clicking here. All of the songs on Turku's CD's and in their performances are traditional or in a traditional style, with many improvisational passages. Also, the solo dances in Turku's concerts are all improvisations.
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Booking information for Turku can be found here.

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