“Nomads of the Silk Road”

Farzad leads TURKU on violin, ud, and vocals. A native of Gilan Province in northern
Persia, Farzad is a Persian violin master, having performed as lead violinist with the
Persian Royal Youth Orchestra, and was a featured violinist and composer on Iranian
State Radio. He is accompanied by Ted Monnich on the Turkish lutes, the saz and
divan, Daveed Korup performing percussion on darabuka and zarb, Carla Monnich
performing percussion on davul, zil, and kasik, and coordinating TURKU’s Eurasian
Dance Ensemble.
TURKU was formed in 1996. Since then the group has performed throughout the
United States and embarked on international touring in 2001, performing at the
National Cultural Festival (Sharq Taronalari) in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
The band's members live in the Carolinas of the USA.
TURKU’s music and video recordings have received broadcast exposure throughout
North America, Asia, and Europe. Reviews of the group’s album “Alleys of Istanbul”
referred to Turku’s improvisational style as “virtuosic” and “upbeat”. TURKU’s
dynamic stage production incorporating music and dance has been called the “Central
Asian Riverdance!”

“Tales From a Turkish Tea House” 1997 Self produced demo
“Alleys of Istanbul” 1998 Hittite Sun records
“TURKU-Alive 1999 Concert Video 1999 Hittite Sun records
“Nomads of the Silk Road” 2000 Hittite Sun records
“Nomads of the Silk Road” live video 2000 Hittite Sun records
"Ozlem" 2004 Hittite Sun records

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