Dance Classes

I will be leading a Guedra at Pennsic. Guedra is a North African trance dance that is accompanied by chant. No dance experience is needed to participate. Dancing is optional, everyone will be chanting. Instruction will be brief (maybe 1/2 hour) followed by performance of the Guedra until we stop. You should bring drinking water. If you think you might want to dance, bring a veil. If you are not good at sitting on the floor for long periods, it's ok to bring a low seat or cushion. All women and girls are welcome. In my 10 years of leading Guedra at Pennsic, we've never had a problem with infants or children of any age. (My daughter has been involved for some time, and my Mom will be at the Pennsic Guedra. This really is a wonderful thing for all women!)

I also offer an instructional CD that is a very complete course in zil technique. It is set up like a web-site, with video and audio clips, text and still photos. Go to this page for more information on the CD. I've begun a new project in a similar format on Ecstatic Dance. Click here for more info.
See you at Pennsic! -Carla

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