Daveed Korup
is Turku's lead drummer; playing darabuka (dumbek) and djembe. His style respresents a synthesis of many of the world's dynamic percussion traditions. In addition to his performances onTurku's recordings, Daveed has also performed on "Eyes Behind the Veil" and "Seeds of Time", as well as making three drumming instruction tapes. He has just produced a hand drumming video with an accompanying book.This is a complete course for the student of hand drumming. Daveed also offers "Drumfest!", a hands-on, interactive, multi-cultural drumming experience for people of all ages. Through school assembly programs, artist-in-residency projects, concerts, and workshops, Daveed introduces participants to the exciting world of percussion and rhythm. Since it's inception, Drumfest! has reached more than 45,000 people from San Diego, CA to Wilmington, NC. Daveed's web-site may be accessed by clicking here. He may also be reached at daveed@drumfest.com. Daveed is a native of Kankakee, Illinois and a graduate of Northern Illinois University.

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