is Turku's violinist, ud player, and vocalist.
A native of Gilan Province in Northern Persia, as a child, Farzad was lead violinist for the Persian Royal Youth Orchestra and a featured musician and composer for Iranian State Radio. He is also accomplished on the keyboards, drums and setar. Turku is very pleased to be able to present Farzad to it's audiences; the virtuosity of his technique and the passion of his improvisations have moved many listeners. Farzad has dazzled audiences as a master of the art of Taksim (solo Improvisation). His distinctive musical style merges his knowledge of the classical Persian Radif with the feverish passion of Middle Eastern folk music. It transcends the artificial boundaries of diverse cultures of the region, combining the splendid rhythms of Arabia, Turkish Makams, and the Persian Radif, in a unique, stunning blend. In spite of having studied with some of the greatest masters of his art form, he considers the gypsy musicians of his small hometown as his greatest musical influences.
Farzad has 3 solo projects. (a real solo project, as he plays every instrument on every track)

You may visit his website at www.farzadweb.com

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