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Turku is now featured on Radio Iz in Turkey

An article in a Turkish newspaper, Sabah, about Turku

***You can now order Alleys of Istanbul and the Zil Technique CD through CafePress.com***

Carla has launched a new site that teaches "Ecstatic Dance". It is geared towards the dancer that wishes to learn to improvise joyously and spontaneously.

Farzad has released his third solo cd, Rubicon

Click the cd image to hear some of this beautiful recording

Carla is creating a series of Turku desktop wallpapers. This one is based on our homepage.
Here is one for the dancers, an image from the Zil CD.


Rusch Meyer, a German film maker produced this short video about Turkish food using Turku's live recording of Fidayda.

Zafira Dance Troupe, featured on Turku's first video and on the stage with Turku at many performances has released a video,"Caravan Serai". A lovely and magical show featuring pieces from Turku's first two CD's.

Awalim Dance Company, a beautiful and talented dance group from Atlanta, which performed with Turku at Pennsic and at it's Talequah concert, has a performance video which features music by Turku.

Eventide Music Productions has released a compilation of dance music that features two tracks by Turku.
music by Turku, Helm, Domba!, Gypsy Caravan, Tim  Rayborn, Solace, Earthbeat
Professional dancer Carrie Konyha has released an instructional dance video that features music from Turku's "Alleys of Istanbul" CD. Turku's music is used throughout the video, as it is suited to both cabaret and tribal styles. Check out The Dance volume 2

In Denmark, Dud Muurmand and Gypsy Mystique released a performance video including pieces set to Turku's music.

The lovely Miho of Japan has created a dance DVD that includes a performance to Agri Dagindan Uctum.

Click here to hear Intrinsic's remix of Turku's recording "Rampi Rampi".

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