Pennsic is a yearly festival for historic reenactors. Turku has played this festival for years because it has helped us to get our start.   If you don't know what Pennsic is, go to   If you want more information on classes, schedules, registration, etc...the official site can be found at

For Pennsic in 2017, Carla (Kharajin) will be leading a Guedra in the Orluk Oasis tent.
Guedra is a North African Trance ceremony involving dance and chant. Everyone who comes must help in the chant, but it is your choice whether you'd like to dance. No dance experience is necessary at all, any woman may participate. Bring  a bottle of  water for yourself, and , if you wish to dance, a veil. Children are welcome.
(We like to start at 8pm so everyone can get the instruction, but we have the privacy of dark thereafter.

Our tent at Pennsic

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