Nomads of the Silk Road is the title of the concert performance by TURKU, an ensemble of musicians and dancers who recreate the exotic and irresistable rhythms of the cultures along the western half of Central Asia's fabled Silk Road. Ideal for a family audience, with colorful costumes and staging, TURKU's tapestry includes Turkish, Persian, Uzbek, Azeri, Kurdish, Turcoman, and Romany cultures. Their CD Alleys of Istanbul, has been praised as "virtuosic, high energy, and inspired." "Exhilerating and one-of-a-kind."

TURKU presents school concerts focusing on the unique cultural qualities of their music, and dance, presenting classes in Eastern music theory, folk music, rhythms and hand drumming, and ethnic dance of Eurasia all within a Turco-Persian cultural context.
TURKU's press kit may be viewed here; including photos, their biographies, technical rider, and reviews of their past performances and recordings.
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