DIRTY LINEN (Magazine of Folk and World Music)
"Their playing is inspired, even striding into the realm of virtuosic, with an obvious ability for improvisation and a good sense of how to build a piece.
The material is high-energy, and there is an emphasis on upbeat numbers."

"Nomads of the Silk Road is fiery yet inviting, expansive in it's outlook but accessible in it's delivery. Highly recommended."
"Their music is fullfilling in every way that music can be."

"We get about 75 new albums a DAY coming in here now, (about 30,000 total), and yours is one of the best I've ever heard."
" An absolutely invigorating and mesmerizing album of the edgy, biting, yet enchanting and lucid music of Turkish, Kurdish, Azeri, and Anatolian peoples. Using all traditional instruments, including several types of Saz, Violin, Oud, Tar and various types of percussion such as 'Davul, dumbek, djembe, and riq, their virtuosic playing coheres for a penetrating, unforgettable experience. Having gained recognition throughout the US as a notable World Music ensemble, Turku is at the forefront of bringing the world's remarkable musical diversity home."

JEFFERY BLACK (Producer, "Cypress After 5")
"The audience thought Turku was magnificent...Turku is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!"

"Judging from the energy the group displays in concert and the foot stomping, body swaying response they generate among the crowd-Turku may be on to something....Turku Delights!"

KAJIRA DJOUMAHNA (Zaghareet Magazine)
"The striking thing about Turku's music is the wonderful tapestry of textures, the rhythmic changes and virtuosity, the beautifully soulful takseems (improvisation) the gamut of emotions and moods from joyful and delightful to stately and somber, the ease with which the musicians go from heavy to light sounds and the perfect ornamentation for each piece."

"My friends and I thought you and the dancers were fantastic! Thanks for such great music and such an entertaining evening."

"Breathtakingly performed. The vocals send shivers down your spine. The performances are superb (the tar is excellent). Although not known worldwide, as he deserves to be, Farzad is undoubtedly one of the greatest masters of the middle eastern violin alive today. He and Turku may be relatively unknown for now, but will not be for long. wow wow wow "

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