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You never know what you might find here!
It will never be a huge inventory; just some things we've brought home from our travels and some things Carla has made.
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Carla has created an instructional CD ROM for all skill levels who are looking for the secret to mastering the finger cymbals. This is a very complete course in zils that includes information you won't find anywhere else. This edition includes text, audio and video files (.wav .avi, and .mpg); everything you need to blow your zil playing wide open!
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#001 Kaval Item #001-Kaval (end blown flute)
Played in Bulgaria, Macedonia, etc. Excellent condition- $100
#002 Sash Item #002-Sash
I'll weave one just for you in your choice of 2 or 3 colors.
Width-up to 3". Legnth is around 90". Woven on a loom.
Perfect for adding tassles or other dance belt elements.
#003 Shawl
Item #003- Triangular Shawl (Turcoman)
Some wear, minor flaws. Black and red fringe
102" across plain end. $85

#003 Shawl

Tribal Style Belts
These belts are my own design, based on a piece I brought back from Istanbul. (But, more flattering on the female form!) This piece is sold, but I can custom weave one just for you in your choice of colors.

#005c-as right, $150

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#005c tribal belt
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