“Nomads of the Silk Road”

Production Manager
Rufus Carson 803-730-9565
Sound Engineer
Dave Alewine 803-787-9977

Technical Requirements
1. STAGE: a. Minimum size: 30 feet wide x 25 feet deep, with fly system, black upstage scrim,
upstage cyc, or black upstage drapes and black legs.
b. Turku’s stage plot requires the following risers: L x W x H
four 8’x 4’ x 4’
four 8’x 4’ x 2’
two 8’x 4’ x 1
2.SOUND: When not travelling with it’s own sound system Turku requires the presenter to
provide a professional quality sound system including:
MIXING BOARD: Minimum of 24 channels with stereo outs and a minimum of 4
subgroups, and 8 aux sends, 4-band shelved EQ (hi and lo mid sweep EQ preferred),
insert points and 48 volt phantom power on every channel (Mackie, Allen&Heath,
Soundcraft, Yamaha, etc.). The mixing board should be attatched to a snake so that it
can be set up between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way back into the room, auditorium or
theater. It is absolutely essential that Turku’s sound technician do the mixing.
AMPLIFICATION AND SPEAKERS: a compatable 2-way or 3-way, or a full
range system (EAW, Community, Meyer, JBL, etc.) speaker system with subwoofers
is needed. Amplification (power) should be compatable with the speaker system and
size of the venue, with allowance for ample headroom.
MONITORS: Six monitor mixes should be provided with 2 floor wedges and 2 sidefill
monitors. Turku will provide in-ear monitors.
MICROPHONES AND STANDS: Presenter must provide 2 vocal microphones
(1x Shure SM58, 1x BETA 87), 4 drum microphones with mini boom stands,
2 condenser microphones, and 6 microphone stands with boom arms.
OUTBOARD EQUIPMENT: 2 X 1/2 octave (31 band) stereo graphic equalizers for
the house system sends. 2 digital effects processors. At least 1 dual compressor/gate/
TURKU WILL PROVIDE: Direct input boxes, wireless instrument systems, and
specialized acoustic instrument microphones (Crown GLM 200), band sound engineer.
SOUND CHECK should be scheduled for 4:00 p.m. This allows for a complete
soundcheck, with time for any correction, alteration, or replacement of sound equip
ment should the need arise. It is essential that all sound and technical specifications be
relayed to the sound provider well in advance of the concert date. For an 8:00 p.m.
curtain time, the stage should be set (see Stage Plot) with all sound equipment in place
and tested by 4:00 p.m., thereby avoiding any delays for Turku. These precautions will
assure the very best quality concert.
3.STAGE LIGHTING: Turku’s production manager advances lighting plots for pre-hangs, and
works house lighting directors and technicians for day-of-show focusing. Turku travels
with limited speciality lighting. Turku travels with and utilizes fog and smoke
machines in accordance with ESTA reccomendations, and flown set elements with
available theater fly systems. Turku requires a black scrim and upstage cyc, or black
drapery upstage and black legs.
It is the responsibility of the presenter to provide an adequate rental lighting system
based on Turku’s lighting plot, when lighting is not available at a venue.Turku can
provide lighting with advance notice for an additional fee.
4. STAGEHANDS: The presenter should provide 4 stagehands to assist with loadin, setup,
takedown, and loadout, and an electrician for electrical tie-in as needed.
Stagehands should be available for a 10:00 am loadin, and throughout the day for
setup, and immediately after the performance for striking the set, and loadout.
The presenter should provide followspot operators at showtime for those venues
with followspots.
5.DRESSING ROOMS: Adequate separate secure dressing rooms with mirrors, chairs, adequate
lighting, and clean towels should be provided for men and women. These should
be backstage and isolated from the audience.
6.LODGING: The presenter should provide 7 double-occupancy, and 1 single occupancy hotel
7.CATERING: The presenter should provide lunch (1pm) for the group’s crew (4-6 people) so that
they need not leave the site.(deli tray with meats, cheeses, breads, condiments, fresh
fruit, chips and drinks) And one hot meal (non-pork), for cast and crew (14-16 people)
to be served 2 hours prior to showtime (6pm). And beverages: Hot water for tea,
Lipton tea bags, coffee, fruit juice, bottled water, soft drinks available throughout the
day of performance. Plastic cups, plates, napkins, flatware, and clean ice for drinks
should be provided.
8. TRANSPORTATION: As required from the group’s hotel to the performance venue and back.
9. MERCHANDISE SALES: The presenter will provide 2 regular size folding tables and 2
individuals, prior to the concert, to handle sales of Turku’s audio and video
recordings, t-shirts, posters, etc. before, during and after the concert. All merchandise
sales receipts will be remitted to Turku immediately following the performance. The
presenter will be responsible for the collection and payment of all required local and
state sales taxes.
AGREED AND ACCEPTED:_________________________________DATE:________________