A very complete course in zil technique...
Carla Monnich of Turku
Dancers are constantly telling me that they find themselves "stuck" at some level in their finger cymbal playing. In working with these women; trying to help them break through to the next level, I've come to realize that some techniques which are considered standard and basic are actually limiting. These methods may get you started, but then they soon run you into a dead end.
I taught myself to play zils, approaching them from the perspective of a musician. Now that I feel that I have really grasped the secrets to mastering the zils, I want to share my methods. No matter what your level of skill, if you feel that you could somehow be a better zil player, I can help.
To that end, I've created an instructional program on CD Rom. I originally wanted to do a video, but that would cost you much more, and when it's done, it's done. Now, I realize that I can create a CD that is formatted exactly as a web site and explored the same way, in nice, bite-sized pieces (rather than sitting in front of the tv for an hour trying to rewind and replay with zils on your hands.) It has audio and video clips, graphics, and text. And as I learn, I can add to it; since every dancer I teach causes me to invent new methods.
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This interactive CD rom includes everything you need to know from the basics onward to blow your zil playing wide open, transending the monotony of repetition that is the standard. It is geared toward dancers, but is also perfect for the musician who wants to use zils as accessory percussion in a band.

This CD is set up as a large web-page, opened by your web browser program. Click here to see the Table of Contents page from the CD for a better idea of what is included. This CD includes .wav audio and .mpg  and .avi video clips. I hope to offer other formats in the future. -Carla

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The first reviews are in...

...your zils instructional cd-the first thing i want to say is...WOW!
...you have really converted me...and i don't know how you created that cd but it is amazing. the audio and video clips are really good,the quality is excellent. and the interactive format is more effective than just watching a video and going through the motions, it really gets you thinking about what you are doing. -Catherine B.

Carla Monnich of Turku has a really neat interactive CD that I found to be very informative. She's just amazing with Zils and has a different method that I found to be interesting and easier for playing the complicated rhythms.
Carla can flat-out tear up some zils. If you've not seen them perform, try to!! -Dana S.

Let me know how you are progressing and how this CD worked for you. It will help me to improve it.

Carla has had custom zils made in Istanbul. If you are interested in buying a set, click here.

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Carla is just beginning work on a CD Rom entitled "Ectastic Dance" which teaches about improvisation. Carla would like for dancers to let her know what they'd like to see in a course on how to improvise. You can find details by clicking here.

photo for the graphic above by Keith Merrifield.

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