An Addition to the Zil CD...

from Carla...I am in Turkiye right now. (May 2007) I was much impressed with the museum of Anatolian civilizations in Ankara. I got a couple photos of some very old zils from excavations in Turkiye.

The plaque on these cymbals say that they were traditionally left in rich tombs as burial gifts. These were played like crash cymbals (one in each hand holding the stem) but they are much smaller. The ones pictured above are about 3 1/2 inches across.

These pairs are newer, and include cuneiform writing which is shown on the placards.
(sorry I couldn't get a better photo through the glass.)

I've just added another new page to the CD which includes instruction on how to do the Persian finger snap. If you have one of the first burns, or the version, which does not include that page, e-mail me, and I will send the page to you. When you do e-mail, please let me know how the CD is working for you and if there are any other additions you'd like to see on it. (E-mail link on the previous page)